3 Steps To Buy The Right Engagement Ring

If you are going to surprise your girlfriend with the marriage proposal, the first thing is to find the perfect engagement ring. Check out these tips that will make your homework much easier.

Unlike the wedding rings, which will choose between the two, looking for the engagement ring almost always falls exclusively on the groom. How to get the right piece? In addition to personalizing it with a phrase of love and that is of excellent quality, it is also important that the design is to the taste of the bride.

For that, we recommend you follow the following steps if you want to succeed in buying such a precious pink diamond jewels.

1. Define the budget

Before anything, the first thing is to be clear about how much money you have to acquire the ring. This will help you direct your search, because you will find everything from commitment alliances at $50,000, to pieces that exceed two million.

Abysmal differences that lie not only in the metal, but also in the level of complexity with which each creation has been worked and, therefore, if they are flat, with a medium waistband, inlaid with rhinestones, grooves in the design or frames with diamonds, among other options.

Regarding the diamond, for example, its value will depend on the cut, the clarity, the color and the carat. The cut is the precise form and the factor that defines the beauty of the stone. Clarity is how many impurities are inside and on the surface, and where they are arranged. The most desired color has to do with the fact that the more colorless a white diamond is, the more valuable it will be. And the carat gives the weight and size to the gemstone, equivalent to 1 carat to 0.20 grams.

2. Find out the size of the ring

A fundamental step that you must solve before arriving at the jewelry store is to know the size of the ring. Very simple! As the engagement ring is used on the ring finger of the right hand, borrow one that your girlfriend uses on that finger and take it the day you will order the jewel.

Or, if you can’t get it out without her noticing, then measure it on your fingers and mark how far it goes with a pencil. In any case, there are templates and even various apps that allow you to measure the exact size.

3. Define the type of jewel

A solitaire diamond or double paved belt?With central amethyst or a row of emeralds? There are so many options that the ideal, before going out to buy, is to feel the tastes of the bride looking in her jewelry box or find out some clues with her closest friends. For example, if you wear rings with colors, if you like thick or thin, classic or modern, and so on.

Thus, once the panorama is clear, you can decide between silver, gold or platinum rings, leaning towards one or more of the existing precious or semi-precious stones.

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