Christian electronic dance music

sometimes called CEDM, Christian EDM, CDM, or Christian dance music is a style of electronic dance music that is very popular in the Christian community. Christian dance music tends to be more technically advanced than regular dance styles. This style of music tends to focus on high quality musical beats with a strong emphasis on vocals. While this type of Christian electronic music generally lacks the accessibility of many other forms of Christian music, its growing popularity is indicative of the growing influence of Pentecostal churches in the contemporary Christian musical scene.

A major feature of Christian electronic music is its heavy emphasis on spiritual songs. Christian dance songs tend to incorporate the Word of God in a variety of different ways. For example, Christian rap songs and hip-hop songs often prominently display Jesus Christ’s voice or the Holy Spirit. Christian cedm artists, on the other hand, sing praise songs in both word and instrumental forms. While the underlying spiritual theme remains the same, cedm artists have taken it one step further by including hymns with Christian messages in their lyrics. This genre of Christian music has proven to be especially appealing to Christian teenagers and young adults.

Christian dance music has grown in popularity over the past several years, especially with the growth of the Christian hip-hop and rumba Christian Electronic Music genres. Dubstep, a fairly new Christian musical subgenre, has also gained ground in recent years as a form of Christian electronic music. Dubstep artists, most notably Dubrovnik, have released Christian-themed dance singles and music videos. Christian rap artists, such as Lee Renaud and Jackmaster, have released Christian-themed singles and music videos as well. In fact, some Christian rap artists have even reached worldwide success through their Christian music.

The producers of Christian cedm artists are finding the influence of Christian rap and Christian rock music to be very appealing. As a result, many cedm artists, particularly those who specialize in Christian rock, are now making Christian rap songs. The impact of Christian electronic dance music has also spread to other genres, particularly Christian House and Christian Hip Hop. More cedm artists are creating Christian electronic dance music that reflects their personality and beliefs.

Christian EDM is quickly becoming a popular sub-genre in itself. Originating from the Christian Music industry, EDM artists are using Christian themed instruments, vocals and beats to create unique electronic soundscapes. Christian EDM artists are discovering that crossover success is possible between Christian and non-Christian consumers, since EDM is popular among Christian consumers as well as non-Christians.

Christian rappers and Christian DJ’s are discovering that crossover successes allow them to reach an even broader audience through Christian electronic radio. Christian rappers such as Passion Pit, Crossfire, and countless others have made Christian rap songs popular on pop radio. Christian DJ’s such as Passion Pit, Crossfire, and TuneCore use Christian music to provide Christian music for Christian rappers and Christian hip hop songs for Christian DJs. Christian electronic dance songs have reached mainstream popularity and Christian cedm artists are finding that Christian rap/djs can reach massive audiences. Christian cedm artists are also able to use Christian music to reach a broader base of consumers. Christian artists are able to use Christian music for non-Christian marketing.

Christian Dance Music includes Christian rap/djs, Christian hip hop, Christian balladry, Christian vocal and instrumental, Christian drum and bass, Christian rockabilly, Christian contemporary and classic, Christian pop, and Christian trap music. Christian cedm artists are using Christian vocalists, instrumentalists, and multi-media artists to create Christian dance, Christian hip hop, Christian rockabilly, Christian rock and heavy metal music. The Christian underground dance movement has gained popularity in the last two decades and is gaining more acceptance among mainstream audiences. Music artists who dabble in underground Christian dance are creating a level of Christian credibility for themselves that previous Christian dance icons could not match.

The genre of Christian electronic artists has a diverse sound that is appealing to a wide variety of consumers. Christian rap songs fuse the elements of Christian worship with modern day Christian rap/djs. These artists’ Christian electronic music has been making its mark on the underground Christian community and Christian hip hop radio around the world. Christian rap/djs are becoming more popular and Christian dance artists are enjoying tremendous success in the industry. This new Christian music sub-genre will continue to grow as Christian artists gain recognition within the industry.