Certainly The top Scented Candle Ever!

Pure Integrity Soy Candles are scented earlier mentioned & over and above your best scented candles! Our candles burn off clean up and in some cases from best to base! Our soy candles are created using a proprietary one hundred% all purely natural stabilized soy wax. What seriously sets our Soy Candles apart from other candles is our potent and nutritious fragrances. Our “Modern Fragrance Engineering” works by using a singular 7 Move Pouring System, the newest innovation in candle earning!

The Scented Candle Problem

After we very first got down to produce a much healthier scented candle for ourselves we experienced no idea of the adventure we had been about to partake.
At the moment soy wax had recently been invented and Pretty much no soy candles were in the marketplace. Most fragrance companies have been producing fragrances especially for paraffin wax, that is a byproduct of petroleum oil when refining gasoline. This produced an important dilemma since soy wax has an exceptionally diverse chemical composition.Here we hand pour our Cape Cod Soy Candles

Our first dilemma was that the majority of the fragrances on the market have been produced from a person hundred p.c synthetics, which we desired to avoid. We wished to use pure crucial oils, floral essences and/or organic extracts. Regrettably most of these components have been possibly unstable at this kind of higher temperature, did not burn off effectively or had an exceedingly inadequate scent-toss.
Our next Problem, for those who desire to enjoy a great fragrance but also are health and fitness conscience, is that soy wax burns about 20° cooler than paraffin wax. Mainly because soy wax burns cooler it’s got a more challenging time forcing the fragrance in the air (scent-toss) which is one particular explanation most soy candles available are usually not making use of one hundred% soy.
Most soy candle providers will make use of a combination of paraffin and soy; then they might legally connect with it a “Soy Candle.” This Mix enables the wax to burn up at a higher temperature and improves the scent-toss in comparison with one hundred% soy wax. Having said that, for wellbeing and environmental explanations we didn’t want to use any paraffin/petroleum wax.
Our final Problem was that every one waxes Have got a optimum potential to soak up or hold fragrance (scent load potential). Should you try to incorporate additional fragrance than what a wax can hold it’s going to possibly independent within the wax or perhaps the candle will not burn up correctly. Most candle makers use just the typical scent load potential, producing average-scented candles.

Imagining Distinct

In our irritation, we began thinking “outside the box” through the typical way of making candles. We understood we had to figure out a method of getting our scented soy candles to soak up a lot more fragrance than the top scented candles available on the market. We required to exceed the sector’s regular “scent load ability.” We then had to ensure our fragrance was equally dispersed in the course of our candles and attain all this whilst earning our fragrances much healthier.
We reworked our basement right into a mini candle/science laboratory and commenced our journey. What follows is the results of the spouse-and-spouse workforce, having a enthusiasm for healthful dwelling, in search of a solution to this scented candle Predicament.

Revolutionary Fragrance Technological know-how & seven Phase Pouring Method

Pure Integrity’s seven Action Pouring Procedure combined with our Impressive Fragrance Technology allows us to have our wax to absorb a significantly better level of fragrance. We use about 50% additional fragrance than any candle we know available on the market! We are not able to give you all the details of our pouring approach, but Here’s an outline.
Most candle suppliers will add fragrance if the wax is way far too sizzling. This tends to cause the fragrance to begin evaporating in the course of the producing course of action. Even so, in case you add fragrance in the event the wax is just too cold It will likely be unable to bond to the wax and may possibly independent or burn up improperly.
We’ve got perfected the exact temperature for every fragrance being included depending on its evaporation temperatures and many testing. It is also important to Observe that each fragrance we create has a certain concentrate on variety for liquid density, flashpoint, unique gravity and vapor density, all of which Engage in a job in the standard of the finished candle.
Our up coming aim is to chill the wax as quickly as you can whilst preserving the fragrance evenly blended throughout the wax. By cooling our wax more fast we enable hardly any fragrance evaporation in the manufacturing course of action.
When the soy wax has cooled to the point of almost solidifying, We’ll pour the candles. Especially hand pouring Each individual and every candle mainly because it is not possible to obtain the exact same consistency and thickness at such very low temperatures even though applying automatic machinery.
It is necessary that you comprehend, most candles are created working with automatic equipment, demanding the temperature being Considerably hotter. Why is this a difficulty? Pouring at these large temperatures causes quite a lot of fragrance to evaporate out of your candles. Also a big percentage of fragrance rises to the highest of the candles leaving tiny scent at The underside. We would like to use automated machinery, It will be A lot quicker. But we do not. It can be our seven Stage Pouring Method which includes enabled us to create healthier candles that have a lot more fragrance from top rated to bottom!
The result is usually that Pure Integrity Soy Candles are so robust and so practical you’ll Assume you have got the real detail proper in front of you! No matter if it is a contemporary baked pumpkin pie or even a ripe juicy peach, you’ll swear that peach or pumpkin pie is sitting right in front of you!